Project Results

Masonry Seismic Reinforcement and Monitoring

Different concepts of multifunctional textiles for Seismic Reinforcement and Monitoring have been conceived and investigated during the project. Then the project focused its attention on the development two systems:
  • System for Outdoor application: Mortar embedded multiaxial, hybrid glass fiber textile including optical fibers which requires masonry without plaster
  • System for Indoor application: Bi-axial glass fiber textile including different sensors which requires masonry with plaster

System for Outdoor application

System for Indoor application

Test methods and procedure have been developed during the project and both systems (for outdoor and indoor applications) have been fully characterized. The characterization of the systems included in addition to the assessment of the performances also LCA and LCCA studies. 
Laboratory tests and systems' characterization
Finally, the application guidelines for both systems have been defined and a pilot case have been set-up in Istanbul (Turkey) in order to validate the system in real condition during the project demonstration activities. 

Application Guidelines 

Pilot case – Istanbul (Turkey)


Multi-Functional Geotextiles

MULTITEXCO proposed two different approaches for using multifunctional geotextiles (MFG):
  • In the first one referred as "Multi-functional geotextile (MFG) material solution", the same textile used for soil reinforcement is sensorized and therefore it is able to provide monitoring data. 
  • In the second one referred as "Multi-functional geotextile (MFG) system solution", the reinforcing and the monitoring functions are attributed to two different textiles, with different and complementary characteristics, to be utilized in coordinated way.


Geogrid having both reinforcing and monitoring capabilities 
The geogrid investigated in the framework of the project exhibits both reinforcing and monitoring capabilities thanks to the embedded optical fibers. Devoted test methods have been developed during MULTITEXCO in order to fully characterize the geogrid and to define its specifications. LCA and LCCA studies have been carried out for completing the characterization and for assessing the performances also from an environmental and economical point of view. 
Tests methods for geotextiles
The research activities have been concluded with the definition of the application guidelines. 
Application guidelines for multifunctional geotextiles
The pilot cases has been set-up in Noblejas (Toledo, Spain) where an embankment (3m high, 12m wide and 21m long) was built and the performances of the Multifunctional Geotextiles have been assessed in real conditions. 
Pilot case for Multifunctional Geotextiles Noblejas (Spain)

Sensors for Tensile structures

  • The following solutions have been conceived, developed and characterized in the framework of MULTITEXCO:
  • Temperature sensors
    • Thermo responsive coatings
    • Thermo electric sensors
  • Chemicals sensors
    • H2S sensor
    • NH3 sensor
  • Pressure sensors
  • Vibration sensors
  • Crack propagation sensors
The pilot cases for these solutions have been set-up in Italy in order to tests their performances in real conditions. 
The four points hypar sail used as demonstrator for tensile structures (Italy)
Knowledge Management Platform and Customization Support Tool
The Knowledge Management Platform (owned by the participating industrial associations) contains information about the research developed within the project, costs, performance, applicability of the different technological options. The platform supports the SMEs in the selection of the most appropriate solutions according to their needs in order to fully exploit from a technical point of view the results of the project by taking into account also the economical as well as the competitive advantages in using the new technologies and multi-functional textile based products in the construction sector. 
The development of the platform has been based on the integration of selected open sources technologies in order to cover all required functionalities:
  • User access and management
  • Database developments
  • Content management
  • System stability
  • High possibility of customization
  • Easy integration of portlets
Knowledge Management Platform
One of the key elements of the MULTITEXCO Knowledge Management Platform is the Customization Support Tool. The scope of the Customization Tool is to support end-users in the selection of the best options according to the specific application by providing also indications about the materials to be used, the costs and the applications guidelines. The Customization Support Tool allows the user to exploit easily the knowledge included in the Platform through a guided path (based on a ‘wizard' approach) where thanks to a user-friendly interface, data will be requested to the users for defining the specific application. According to this data, solutions are provided to the users (by selecting among the MULTITEXCO technologies) customized to the specific application and by indicating also the application guidelines. In particular, the Customization Support Tool is constituted by three parts, developed following the same philosophy illustrated above and addressing the three main targets of the project:
  • Multifunctional textiles for masonry seismic reinforcement and monitoring
  • Multifunctional Geotextiles
  • Sensors for monitoring tensile structures


Customization Support Tool
If you are interested to use the Knowledge Management Platform and the Customization Support Tool, please contact the MULTITEXCO SME Association in your country!